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Custom Framed Indian Pichwai Tapestry

Tapestry framing is a wonderful way to preserve and display truly unique art.  Not all custom frames for tapestries are created equal and at Anthology Fine Art, we take great care to insure your art will last the test of time.  

We take great pride in hand stitching your most treasured art.  At our Denver frame shop,  we stitch all fabrics, from jerseys to tapestries to christening gowns.  Hand stitching has the benefits of spreading the support of large pieces over many places and keeps any fiber piece in the original condition it was brought to us.  All the materials we use are conservation grade.   We will never staple or tape your tapestry or jersey inside our custom shadow boxes.

Our client wanted to honor the beauty of this original pichwai painting with black rag matting and stunning gold frame. The frame is from Roma Moulding’s Vintage line and has a subtle beading texture that compliments the art perfectly. 

At Anthology, we love making your custom framing look it’s very best.  To finish this piece we used TruVue’s Optium Museum Acrylic.  Because of its size, conservation glass was not feasible and the client really wanted to be able to see the tapestry with minimal reflection.  

We could not have been happier with the results of the shadow box frame.  The client was thrilled and now has the piece prominently displayed in their Denver home.