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Where have you been?

We like to say that we travel vicariously through our clients.  So, we’ve recently been to Egypt, Iceland, Mt Everest, Mexico, Italy, New York and more concerts than any one person could handle.  Our clients brought back original artwork, photos from monumental basecamps, antique papyrus, tribal masks and everything in between.  It’s incredible seeing people bring in such personal items to be custom framed so that they can relive their experiences everyday.  There’s the added bonus that conservation picture framing is the best way to make your memories last a lifetime.  We’d love to see where you’ve been in your travels near or far.  Get your photos off your device, by a piece of art or plan a family reunion.   

A Mark Ryden print made as a fundraiser for the NY ballet.

A Mark Ryden print made as a fundraiser for the NY ballet.

Wood mask hand stitched to a fabric mat.

Wood mask hand stitched to a fabric mat.

14 years of accomplishments in one custom frame.

14 years of accomplishments in one custom frame.

Wine labels collected from a trip to Italy.

Wine labels collected from a trip to Italy.

Limited edition Phish show poster with ticket stubs.

Limited edition Phish show poster with ticket stubs.

Extended family reunion attended from all over the country in the mountains of Colorado.

Extended family reunion attended from all over the country in the mountains of Colorado.

Antique papyrus from Egypt.

Antique papyrus from Egypt.

Mexican folk art of nativity scene.

Mexican folk art of nativity scene.

Colorful Guatamala painting.

Colorful Guatamala painting.

Denver Shadow Box Framing with LED Lights

 It happens regularly, someone gives you the gift of art; a photograph, painting or maybe even something 3 dimensional. But then you’re left with the problem of what to do with it.  We recently had a client come to us with a unique project.  She’s a fine art photographer and had been gifted an antique glass plate negative.  Because it’s a negative, it’s almost impossible to display without being backlit.  Luckily she’s been a client for years and after selecting the frame she liked, put it in the capable hands of Zach to design and execute the rest.

The client choose a frame from Larson Juhl’s Biltmore collection.  We ended up using two custom frames from the same line to add depth and allow for a place to store the lights and battery pack.


The LED light strand that Zach selected is battery powered and remote controlled.  The client has the choice of selecting several colors or having them alternate as they do in the video above.

LCDlightbox LCDCustomFrame

To protect the glass plate negative, we trapped it with acid free mat board from Crescent and sandwiched between two pieces of TruVue Museum Glass.  The mats protect the edges of the glass and required no adhesive to keep it in place.  GlasPlateNegative

We kind of geek out on this one-of-a-kind custom frame pieces and have a little client envy.  We know this is going to be an amazing conversation piece for years to come.



Denver Custom Shadow Box Framing



We always enjoy hearing the story behind why someone has decided to invest in custom framing.  This piece in particular had been in storage for nearly 50 years!  Our client had rediscovered the piece and the minute he saw it, remembered how thrilled he had been when he created it in middle school.  He was also surprised to discover he still loved it.  He came in unsure of what he wanted to do, so we looked at many designs and ultimately settled on a shadowbox frame, from Larson Juhl’s Anvil collection, made to look like rusty rebar.  The texture and color are a great compliment to his metal art.   We used existing holes in the art to hand stitch the piece to an acid free mat and finished the piece with TruVue’s Museum Glass for ultimate uv protection and clarity.  We love that the client will be able to enjoy this sentimental piece for years to come and we hope it inspires you to unearth your own treasures to be preserved and displayed.  

Custom Framed Arrowhead Shadow Box

What is an “Anthology”? Simply put it is a collection. Here at Anthology Fine Art we love collections and the challenge and creativity it takes to preserve and display them. Several years ago we had the opportunity to make a large, multi opening, custom frame of a collection of vintage cards for a client.  They were collected by the husband’s father and serve as a beautiful family tribute.  The same Denver family recently came to us with another family heirloom project, this time a collection of arrowheads, stone tools, and beaded jewelry, from the wife’s grandfather.  The grandfather had created an DIY display in a hand made box that had been in her family for years.  Time had taken its toll on the box and the collection was in need of an update so that it could be preserved and displayed for further generations.


Her grandfather had meticulously documented what each item was, as well as where they were found, and created a hand written key with corresponding numbers for each item.  The client wanted to retain the original layout, key, and the numbers. She also wanted to double the size and rather than being displayed by laying on a table the way the original had, with the arrowheads pressed between cotton and glass, she wanted the arrowheads to “float”and hang on the wall in their new home.

We started with the idea to make the overall size bigger without getting too large or distracting.  Individual oval windows were cut in order to display each piece. Rather than two mats stacked, we created a custom cotton canvas mat that gives the impression of being embossed that made for a subtle, yet elegant way to display each individual item.



The collection included multiple arrowheads of different size and shape, stone scrapers and tools, as well as two pieces of beaded work. Each piece was individually mounted to the canvas and the had written numbers from the original display were reused.


Finally, to tie the two family pieces together, we used the same frame as the vintage cards. The result was a beautiful new display for a lovely collection, that will now be proudly displayed and cherished by this wonderful family for generations to come!


Over the years we have had the pleasure of framing a lot of different collections for our clients. From Arrowheads and Vintage Cigarette cards to Military items and Woodworking Tools. We cherish the opportunity to preserve and display these items. We would love to see what sort of fun and interesting collections you have. We encourage you to see what Anthology Fine Art can do in order to preserve, protect, and display your collection. Consultations and quotes are always free and encouraged. Don’t allow these wonderful bits of history and conversation starters to continue to collect dust in a box or on a shelf come and see how we can help you create a display that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Displaying the unique


A client recently came to us with a mask that he wanted to frame.  It is a resin mask taken from a life cast of Michael Jackson.  The cast was taken during the shooting of the “Thriller” video as a means for the makeup artists to be able to transform his face throughout the video.  The mask is signed by the artists, so we wanted an archival mount without using adhesives.  The solution Zach came up with was to build an acid free foam base the exact size of the opening.


To give the mask the illusion of “floating” off the mat, Zach then built up the back of the mounting with smaller sections of acid free foam core.



The client was planning to light the entire piece once displayed in his home and so opted for a white on white style of frame and mat.  We used white rag mat from Crescent and a bright white frame from Larson Juhl’s Alto line.  The uv plexi glass box makes the signature and every side of the mask clearly visible.  MichaelJacksonShadowBox2

Star Wars Shadow Box



Deb brought in these medals and bibs as a gift for her step-son, Jordan, a lifelong Star Wars fan.  We hear even his bedroom is decorated with Star Wars!  He knew she planned to have them framed but, because we’ve done work for both of them, left himself out of the design process.  In addition to the bibs and medals, he provided photos he wanted included as well as his times and placing.

The marathon medals are some of the coolest we’ve ever seen, so to make them stand out we opted for black suede mats and a simple black frame.  The photos were printed to be a similar size of the bibs.  The medal straps were sewn into the back mat and the medals themselves were secured with silicone and additional stitching.  They were two races but, Jordan requested one large piece.  One race was in Disneyland, the other in Disney World, so we opted to separate them inside the frame with two mat openings.  Finally, we added the locations, race times and placing in the middle to tie the two sides together.

This was a really fun project and we hope Jordan will be able to relive his experience every time he looks at his shadow box!



Moms, Dads and Grads.

Mother’s Day is Sunday and so begins a time of celebrating Mothers, Fathers and Graduates in our lives.  If you’re an adult, the idea of finding a gift for someone that has seemingly everything is a difficult task.  We’ve done the work for you and have put together some of the most unique ideas we’ve used for our family over the years. 

1.  Custom Framed Jewelry Boxes:  You’ve done the jewelry thing before, give her a way to show off her favorite necklaces and keep them organized at the same time.



2.  Frame a family photo:  You’ve only got three more days!  Luckily, we have pre-made Photo Frames to fit a 4×6, 5×7 or 8×10.  Keep it simple, or let one of the kids embellish the mat with their own style and sentiment.


3.  Anthology Gift Cards:  Has mom or grandma been hinting they’d like an updated family photo?  Want the college graduate to frame that really expensive piece of paper?  We have gift cards in any amount that require zero planning.  You can even call us at 303-534-1331 and we’ll take care of everything.  



4.   A nice pen and a conversation piece:  We have a selection of handmade pens by Conner Woodworks that make the perfect gift for a parent or graduate.  



5.  Make a memory they can keep forever:  Preservation is the hallmark of custom framing.  Maybe it’s band poster your husband has had for years or the last concert you attend at Red Rocks before your grad heads off to college, make sure it will last a lifetime.  BlueFrame

Liner vs Mat

AnthologyLinerSamples OilPortraitLiner

When custom framing, sometimes it is necessary or beneficial to create some separation from the art and the frame. Mat board is traditionally used to add this separation and benefits the aesthetic of the design.  Because mat board is usually used for framing works on paper, glass is added to protect the art and mat board.  But what do you do for a painting or a work that doesn’t require glass?  To achieve the same bordering affect, Anthology carries a selection of linen liners in multiple styles, sizes and colors.  Linen liners have been used for centuries for oil paintings to separate artwork and frame.  The liners are made by wrapping a wood frame in fabric.  They add a nice separation between art and frame, dimension and sometimes a pop of color.  They are ideal when framing an oil or acrylic on canvas and photos mounted to Dibond with a uv-coating.  You supply the art, we’ll supply the inspiration!


All the samples feature Larson Juhl Frames and the colored liners are from the Jonathan Adler collection, also from Larson Juhl.


Anthology feature on Houzz.

Anthology was recently consulted for an article on Custom Framing for Houzz.  Houzz has quickly grown in to the web's premier site for home design enthusiasts to connect with design and construction professionals as well as a social site to find the latest trends and inspiration.  

it’s never “just” a t-shirt


In the custom framing world, you always remember your first.  Your first project for a client that is.  We’ve worked closely with Align Lifestyle Management over the last year on some unique custom framing projects.  They are a truly likeminded business and take amazing care in curating their client’s homes and offices.  

The first piece Nicole brought to us was this t-shirt that had been cut off by EMT’s after a serious accident.  Her client wanted to have it framed because of the impact the accident had on his life’s trajectory.  Apparently, it was a big hit with his kids as well, as they requested to have a meaningful shirt of their own framed.

Because the shirts are much smaller than his, we treated the framing a little differently, but used the exact same care of building an acid free insert for each to give shape and then hand stitching the shirts to conservation mat board.


For his daughter’s favorite restaurant shirt, we found a beautiful, rustic yellow moulding that complimented the text perfectly.  The blue Crescent mat was selected to accent colors already in her bedroom.



The idea of attending MineCon would make the head explode of most kids we know.  Having the shirt framed from his son’s trip was a great way to commemorate the experience.  As you can see from the photo above, we looked at several mat colors and ultimately decided on the bright red to compliment the frame.  The mat also helped to keep the almost midieval looking frame playful and appropriate for a kids room.  To anyone familiar with MineCraft, the Larson Juhl frame was a perfect fit.


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