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Gallery walls for your busy family done easy!

We want to create a custom gallery wall designed just for you!

Pinterest and Instagram have no shortage of inspiration for amazing gallery walls. But, you’re busy! Are you going to select all the photos from what may be years of digital files, print them, take them for custom framing, find someone to hang them and end up with it looking that amazing? Probably not without a one month sabbatical. 

We recently finished a custom gallery wall for a busy family of five and want to take you behind the scenes on our entire process in this discussion with Anthology co-owner and photographer Kendra Custer.

Can you give me a brief overview of the service and product you offer?

Anthology is start to finish portrait studio and custom frame shop. We take the time to plan your session and what these portraits will be used for: a big wall piece, large gallery wall,  album, etc. The clothing and location will all play an important role so we want to get it right. After the photo session, we create high quality prints, and build custom frames suited just for you. We will then arrange the delivery and installation. We really take care of every detail. 

What is the first step to start the process of a custom gallery wall?

Email or call to set up a consultation.  We prefer the consultation take place in your home for your convenience as well as to get a scope for where these portraits will live. Plus, I want to hear everything about you and your family!

What if I already have a bunch of old digital files, that I have never done anything with?

If this is you, you’re not alone! We can create a gallery wall with your existing portraits if they are digitals or prints. We can incorporate them with new portraits taken by Anthology, or we can work with your existing photographer.  

The portraits you see here are a combination of older digital files and  a new session with Anthology. 

Do you take the photos in the studio, or on location?

We do both. We have a portrait studio in Englewood, CO, travel the front range and beyond for sessions. The goal is to cater the experience to what fits you. 

If I can't picture it, do you offer a draft of what the finished wall will look like?

Yes! We love to visit your home for the consultation so we can photograph & measure your walls to predesign the gallery wall. This also allows us to study the design aesthetic of your home to get a head start on the frames we could potentially use. At your order session we will look at virtual designs on your actual walls! This all ensures the framed portraits fit your space. 

How does the framing process work? It seems like a lot of options.

As a full service frame shop, we take great pride in offering conservation framing that will last well into the next generation of your family. We do everything custom and in house. Your gallery wall can be made of all the same frame or a curated selection for a more eclectic style. It really can be whatever YOU want but we will expertly guide you through all the options. 

Life is so busy, what is the delivery and installation process like?

We really do take care of everything. We coordinate delivery and installation to fit your schedule to make the process as easy and quick as possible. We pride ourselves on professionalism and quality service. We will bring all the necessary tools to hang your art securely. A typical gallery wall takes 2-3 hours to hang.