Your life, on your walls.

We recently had the pleasure of working with a new client who was updating her home in Cherry Creek.  She had many pieces that took the majority of the afternoon to work through. Each piece had a great story behind it and a lot of time was spent laughing and exchanging stories back and forth.   It was a great collection of art including originals that had hung in her parents’ home, two photos of her finishing the New York City Marathon, and posters she’d collected while studying abroad.

One of the posters had been purchased in Paris in 1978.  This poster has been everywhere she has been since.  When she left Paris she returned to school in LA, the poster was pinned to her wall, in true college fashion.  It then moved with Suzanne to NY and resided again on the wall with pins.  The poster continued with her back to her hometown of Aspen, then on to Denver where it was rolled up due to wear and tear, but still made the cut in moves to Fort Collins and back to Denver.  After more than 30 years of owning the print, she finally decided to frame it for her bedroom and we were happy to help.  30 years is a long time to hold onto a poster, and what was originally just dorm room art had become a part of Suzanne’s life story.

Hearing the stories behind what our customers bring in for framing and getting to know one another is an incredible part of being a picture framer.  We never rush through the process, because the more information we get, the better advice we can give to make the framing a worth while investment that you will love for a lifetime.  What may look like a damaged poster to some, Anthology recognizes as part of your life’s narrative.   We are not just another Frame Shop we are your Frame Shop.

Thank you Suzanne!

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