Profile Photos

Anyone who’s read a marketing book in the last fifty years can tell you the value of a first impression.  Whether you’re dating, running a business or job searching, in today’s social media driven world, chances are you’ve made an impression before knowing you were in the running.

Your profile pic can say, “I drink too much in LoDo on the weekends”, “this photo was clearly taken with someone else, and I cropped them”,or “GO BRONCOS!!!!”.

The list goes on, but I won’t.  It’s one thing to take a “selfie” during your Saturday night exploits and post it to Facebook.  It’s quite another to decide you like your hair so much in the pic that it becomes good enough for Linkedin.  Put your best face forward in your personal and professional life.  Make the time to get a professional photograph taken for all your online activities.  Sessions can be booked in the studio or on location.  Prices start at $75, include two clothing changes and a retouched cd of high resolution images.  Call Kendra at 303-534-1331 for special group rates for your entire office or networking group.  Or get your single friends together here for Happy Hour Head Shots!  Yes, it’s a real thing and we’re happy to host it.



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