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60% off what?

Have you ever wondered about the 60% off framing sales you see running all the time at the big framing and craft stores? I know I have, as a small business framer I often wonder how can you afford to discount your product 60% so often and still be profitable? The answer is simple – you mark everything up by 60%! I did a little undercover work the other day and found out some interesting things.

I glued on my fake mustache and slid on my spy glasses to go and see what was up.  I took along a print that I really like and had the folks at the big stores give me some prices.  I knew what I wanted – a simple double mat with a nice contemporary black frame so I figured it would
be pretty easy for the sales person to walk me through the design process.  I explained to the gentleman that the print was valuable and I wanted it well-preserved.  He looked at the print and said to me; “blue… black… red… should be an easy kill”.  Now, I know the blue, black and red part was in reference to the colors in the composition but the “easy kill” part kind of threw me off. Was that a Steven Seagal reference?  Does he know I’m a spy?.  He proceeded to walk me to the ready-made frame section.  I asked him if these frames would keep my art well-preserved.  ”Oh so you want custom ” he said and walked me back to the counter.  He pulled out a blue top mat and red suede bottom mat and made a quick gesture to the wall where the black frames hung.  I told him I would prefer a crisp white top mat and an 1/8 of an inch or so of the red bottom mat, it didn’t need to be the red suede mat that he had pulled because it would be so small.  He grabbed another red mat from the sample bin and a random white mat for the top realizing that this might not be an “easy kill” after all.  I walked over to the black frame samples and pulled a couple that I thought would be appropriate. I set one on the top of  the samples and asked for his opinion.  ”Looks pretty good”, he says as he starts to measure the art. I told him that I measured the art at home and wanted an 11×14 opening with three inches of mat so that I could cover some of the graph paper at the top and bottom, but still show as much of the pattern as possible.  He told me that he thought an 11×13 window with 5 inches of mat was needed. I started my framing career at a similar store some 10 years ago and I know this isn’t his fault; he is just up selling me, which is what he was trained to do.  I grabbed another tape measure and proceeded to show him what I meant.  He said that was fine if that’s what I wanted and adjusted the measurements in his computer.  After a few more minutes of hammering away at the key board and clicking the mouse periodically he turns to me and says “$179.06″.  I asked if that reflected the 60% off  discount he said that it did. “$447.65 is the price before the discount”.  I told him that I needed some time to think it over and asked for a quote which he printed for me.  I thanked him for his time and walked away. I went on to a couple more places and had similar experiences, under trained staff rushing me through the design process, little explanation as to what I was getting, and in the end a huge discount off a huge price.

Now I get it.  $179.06 is a reasonable (full) price but $447.65 is HIGH, REALY HIGH!  Keep in mind that this piece (finished) was around 16×20 inches and I wasn’t asking for any bells and whistles just that I would like it to be well-preserved.  I didn’t get much more than a, “Yes it will be,” for an explanation but I will admit I didn’t force the issue.  I assume that meant archival mounting and I did ask if the glass was U.V. protecting and he said that it was. I think that if you are about to drop nearly $200 dollars on something you should know what it is you’re getting.  I do not fault the sales associate, he was probably just seasonal help, and I could tell he wasn’t trying to make this his career but, for me it is a career and I am passionate about it.  I think that it is misleading to consumers to advertise 60% off of such an inflated price.  I assume when someone gets there receipt and it says that they just saved $268.59 they feel pretty good about the purchase, and might even treat themselves to a nice lunch with all the money saved.  In reality, they didn’t save anything. I priced out a comparable design here at Anthology Fine Art and the full price was $170.30 with our Holiday Sale the price was $143.37.

Here at Anthology Fine Art we promise expert design and top shelf customer service.  We care about the framing we do for our customers because it defines us as a business. We may not always be able to beat 60% off prices but we promise not to mislead you.

Clyfford Still Museum

It’s a rare opportunity when someone asks you to construct and stretch a twelve by eight foot canvas.  We were fortunate enough to be challenged and to now be on the other side of it.

It’s also not everyday that you have a chance to paint on something that big.  They looked like they were having a great time.  Hmm, maybe we should do it again.

The new Clyfford Still Museum opens next week!  We can’t wait to see the work that inspired this enormity.

Framed Wedding Invitation

Some wedding invitations are too pretty to throw away.  If it’s your own or you saw first hand how much they cost or what it took to find “the perfect one” it’s even more understandable that a girl might want to keep it on her wall for eternity.

The custom mat cut on this was a great way to dress up a classic invite.  It was finished with a Larson Juhl frame from their Mantilla collection

It’s a great gift that she never thought to register for.  And as an added bonus, picture framing their wedding invitation giver her husband a constant reminder of their anniversary.


Public Recognition


It’s always nice to get recognized for doing the things you love, especially by a really popular Denver Magazine.  Multi opening mat boards can present a challenge in that they often leave odd gaps in the mat.  Problem solved, with our computerized mat cutter we were able to add the restaurant logo and a french line to tie everything together.  Congratulations Il Posto!  Custom framing your accolades to hang inside your business is a great way to remind your customers of why they keep returning.

The Graduate

If you went to preschool, on to elementary, middle and high school, you’ve already spent a good chunk of time committed to learning.  Tack on a bachelors and graduate school and even if you live to be ninety, you’ve spent nearly a third of your life in school.  When it’s all said and done, you’re left with a diploma, or four, that may or may not ever see the light of day.  Custom framing your diploma is a great way to display your achievements .

This diploma is a law degree, framed in a contemporary metallic wood frame and elegant silk mat.  The great thing about custom framing a diploma is that you can choose nearly any style and color scheme you like.  This customer choose to have the piece incorporate to her personal style, rather than that of the University of Denver.

She sells sea shells….

Most people have to buy sand dollars to have one this beautiful.  A client did actually find this and decided to frame it to commemorate the vacation and the incredible luck.  It’s a small piece, for extra pop and to make sure no reflections would distract, Tru Vue Museum Glass was used.  Through an anti-reflection glazing, Museum Glass provides a nearly invisible finish and is ideal for preserving one-of-kind items or shadowboxes like this one where the art is set back.

Framed Paintings Just Look Better


A client brought us this amazing commissioned painting. He needed it to be a little larger to fit the space he and his wife wanted to put it in. We chose a frame from Larson Juhl’s Catalina line and a nice crisp white liner to create some separation from the art and the frame. The results are obvious. Not only did we achieve the desired size but we also created an elegant presentation that highlights the paintings warmth. Next time you purchase a painting remember that a well framed painting is much better than just a naked canvas.

Wall Album


After my son was born, I swore I would make an album every year with my favorite photos to commemorate all the milestones.  I made one and now he’s four.  I still plan to get there, but I am a picture framer to my core so somehow I mange to get framed photos on the wall.  As much as I enjoy dragging out the albums several times a year and looking at them with the family, I get daily pleasure from the family photos on the wall.

This piece was done for a couple that have been married for 40 years and now have five grandchildren.  The families live all over the country but manage to get together once a year.  The photos were compiled from those meetings as well as from the day to day.  Multi openings such as these have a tendency to get big, which is part of the appeal, and therefor can seem cluttered.  A natural solution is to have all your photos printed in black and white or sepia tone.  The design was laid out and cut on the Wizard 9000 which was also used to add the kids’ names and birthdays.  I chose to make some of the windows rounded and some rectangular to customize it a bit more.

The beauty of a multi opening like this is that the pictures could easily be swapped out in a few years to resemble the changes in the family.  My guess is that grandma will choose to just make another one.

Newspaper clipping

It’s not everyday your picture is in the paper.  A client brought in this clipping of his wife and wanted it framed for her office.  The team’s school colors were an obvious choice.  With team colors, our first choice is Crescent Select Impact Colors.  The 35 colors from the line were created to match many of the key professional and college team colors from around the country.  The triple mats were cut with different size reveals for an extra pop and the design was finished with a black Framerica moulding.  Framing newspaper clips is a great gift for yourself or someone you love as a constant reminder of a special achievement.

Feel good framing.

We do framing for an assisted living facility near City Park.  One of their social workers contacted us about perking up some residents rooms.  After visiting and finding out about their interests and backgrounds, this was one result.  The woman we framed this for has Sioux ancestry.  We framed this colorful print with Crescent Select mats and did a specialized mat cut with our Wizard 9000.  The red frame is from Larson Juhl.  Their residents spend a good amount of time in their rooms, it’s such a joy to make them more personal.


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